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Tips of Outdoor Picnic

The tips below will help you have a wonderful holiday.

Perfect Weather – Warm and sunny

Most picnics happen on weekends or public holidays so we will spend most of the week beforehand looking for weather forecasts that tell us it will be warm and sunny for when we plan to have the picnic. My mum has a theory that if you look at enough different weather forecasts, you’ll most likely find one that tells you what you want to hear. Even if it doesn’t work out that way, it’s nice to imaginethat the weather will cooperate.

As you are outside, you don’t want it so hot that you end up burning, but if you take lots of sun cream and cold drinks, wear a hat and possibly camp out under the shade of a tree, even the hottest of days should be ok.

Even if the weather is less than perfect, we often still fo ahead if we’ve planned a picnic. If it’s raining, we just wear an extra rain coat and take some umbrellas. It also helps if the blanket you take has a waterproof lining so that the damp doesn’t rise through the bottom. If it’s windy we will wear an extra jumper. You get the idea.

Perfect Company – Friends and family

Picnics are very social gathering, which means you have much more fun with more people there. If you have friends from other countries then it will be even more fun when you invite them. So call your best friends , call you relatives, call the people that can get on well with each other and you can expect to have a great time. It does sometimes take planning to work out who will get on, or who will want to particiate in the activities you have planned, but to make a perfect picnic, the planning is definitely worth it.

Perfect Surroudings – A beautiful park/beach/somewhere in the countryside

This is one of the most essential components of a picnic, you absolutely must choose a good location to be able to have the most enjoyment. The picnic season can start as early as April or May, so if you go warly in the season, you can catch the flowers in full bloom in places She Shan Mountain.

Checking the website of where you are going to before you leave is also important, you want to make sure there is a suitable can park and toilet facilities to avoid any inconvenience.

Perfect Activities -Badminton, football, frisbee, skipping or anything else

Whilst the main focus of a picnic is on the food, realistically you aren’t going to eat non-stop for a whole morning and afternoon. Typically we would go to our selected location, lay everything out and the children start playing different games while the adults get all the food out. Then we all eat together and after eating enough for lunch, we go off and carry on playing various games, taking it in turns to sit with the things and then coming back every now and again to nibble on the left overs.

Perfect Kit – Tradiontional hamper, practical backpack, waterproof picnic blanket

It’s true that you could take everything in a carrier bag if you stop off to buy food in a supermarket on your way. But is that really the best way to prepare for a picnic? We don’t think so.

In downtown, there are so many places sell all manner of picnic hampers to suit different needes and sizes, it would be a waste not to take advantage of it. Most come with sets of cups, plates, cutlery and containers to cover all of your needs while you’re out.

Generally, most go for wicker baskets because they look the best and are the most traditional. We have used this type of for many years. However, sometimes they can be quite heavy and if you are having a picnic somewhere quite far from the car, it can be hard to carry, especially if you are with lots of children and have taken lots of things to play with.

More recently, picnic sets on wheels and other kinds of picnic bags have been getting motr popular, and we find these far more convenient. If you have a family, it definitely makes sense. Overall, it’s down to preference, but maybe it can gives yousome idea of what you would prefer.

Perfect Food

There is no picnic without food so this is the bit you absolutely have to get right to be able to reach maximum enjoyment.

There are a few basic guiding principles that help you choose, although these are not fixed rules: usually picnic food is finger food, and usually it is cold. So things such as sandwiches, cakes, biscuits, crisps, chickenwings, meat pies, chicken skewers and chopped fruits and vegetables.

However, if you invest in a set as mentioned above, then you will have  platres and cutlery which mean you can diversify into other foods such as salads, rice dishes and larger items. Or, you may also have a fun BBQ party with a kitchen caddy or carry bag.

So there you have it, the tips of what makes a perfect picnic. Hopefully you are now inspired to go out and try it for yourself, but not before our last suggestions: if you want to go really posh.. take a small vase and some cut flowers and place it at the edge of your waterproof picnic blanket. And even more posh, go armed with champagne and a wine cooler bag.

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