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The Artists and The Picnic

The green summer has passed, cool autumn is coming, the whole world seems adding a faint filter.

Autumn is so colorful, it looks like the palette was knocked over gently, people walk towards the nature and sitting on the lawn, they enjoy the poetic picnics.

Artists also like the picnic theme, for example, Impressionist masters have repeatedly portrayed the fine sunlight, lush meadows, well-decorated food and decent socializing in their paintings, creating an aesthetic mood that nestles with nature with love and delicacy.

When bring the aesthetic meaning of the painting to the realistic picnic, you will see that even the weather becomes cold in autumn, it is still a beautiful scenery.

Picnics are usually considered to be imported from the West, but you may don’t know that in fact there were themed picnics in ancient China. For example, the elegant gathering of literati in ancient times, “Qu Shui Liu Shang” is a picnic with the theme of poetry and entertainment.


In the West, the tradition of picnics can be traced back to medieval Europe. The rich will carefully prepare an outdoor feast to reward themselves after hunting. These grand and well-prepared dinners laid the foundation for the common picnic experience nowadays.

Since the 1830s, we have really seen more and more picnic themed paintings. In addition to Europe, romantic landscape paintings were prevalent in the United States at that time, and the slightly empty scenery always had some “romantic” people to appear complete.

Take the painting “The Picnic” by American painter Thomas Cole, born in London, as an example, on the side of the Hudson River Valley, guitarists sang gentlemanly, women and children played around…all convey a cozy and cheerful atmosphere, and even make people want to join them.

In addition to “leisure”, the key word of a picnic has another crucial connotation-“escape”. Édouard Manet’s painting “Le Déjeuner Sur L’Herbe” can be said to be an “escape” from the stereotyped practice of portraying women in the image of a “goddess” inherent in painting, Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe, or The Luncheon on the Grass, is a larger oil on canvas painting by French artist Édouard Manet. Painted between 1862 and 1863, it shows a female nude casually having a picnic with two clothed young men. The painting implies that two bourgeois men are not only interested in the food in the basket.

picnic painting


The oil painting Tea by contemporary artist Andrea Kowch uses a surreal approach to depict his escape from the real world. Many existing methods of protesting social issues in the form of picnics are all a deeper artistic expression of picnics.

Through a short meal on the outdoor lawn, the once powerful officials and bigwigs have to escape the luxurious life that is “fettered” them to some extent, and now we can also get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get close to the nature.

To some extent, the picnic is also the photographic material that can most express themes such as “family”, “friendship”, and “nature”. Many world-renowned photographers and famous brands are constantly exploring the visual possibilities of picnics and how to make viewers resonate with them.

For example, British photographer Glen Luchford shot a series of ads for the brand Gucci’s perfume product “Mémoire d’Une Odeur”: in the medieval castle in Rome, a “big family” composed of 21 famous artists is creating happy memories together. Amon them include singer Harry Styles, musician Zumi Rosow, artist 0Iimpia Dior, designer Harris Reed…etc. The cleverness of this idea is that it not only conveys the “sense of family”, but also reveals the theme that artists of different disciplines should work together.

Another example of fashion photography that can illustrate the theme of friendship is a promotional photo taken by Swiss photographer Reto Schmid and his friends as artists and stylists for the German brand Ottolinger, with an abandoned building in the 70s in Paris as the background.

Picnic is a gathering of different groups of artists. For example, Nan Goldin, who is good at using lenses to record non-mainstream marginal youths, or German photographer Wolfgang Tillmans, etc. From their extremely realistic snapshots, you can feel the distinctive characteristics of different cultures and subtle changes in group lifestyles.

British photographer Martin Parr said when introducing his “Beaufort Polo” scene photography: “When it started to rain, I was very excited, which brought out the best of the British: We will not be defeated by the rain! That is all the meaning of this photo.”

Beaufort Polo

Now go to a picnic, taking pictures is an essential part. The high-quality picnic environment includes design and practical storage tools, “high-value” food, and most importantly, trendy outfits and artistic equipment.

After watching the picnic products designed by the artists, I believe you will be full of novel inspiration for buying a picnic “outfit”.

Sun protection clothing is essential when going out for a picnic. British fashion designer Simon Rocha and the brand Moncler have collaborated for four times this season, exploring “fabric manufacturing” and “silhouette” while adding an interpretation of modern femininity.

The famous Japanese product designer Naoto Fukasawa designed this “chair box” for RIMOWA, which is also the best choice for picnics. This product can not only be used as a chair, but also meet the needs of temporary storage and keep the picnic area tidy.

When visiting the Vintage market, we can always see the louis Vuitton picnic box full of retro charm. In order to satisfy the grand dinner at that time, most of them were one person tall. Today, the brand has also launched a custom picnic mat for you to choose.

Among the flower baskets necessary for picnics, the brand Loewe is the most meaningful. The craftsman Álvaro Leiro used the hollow leather basket made by the ancient Galician weaving technique, filled it with flowers and placed it on the green grass. It must be very suitable for the scene.

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