Partner of Outdoor Brands - Heinz Outdoor Products & Protective Covers
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Partner of Outdoor Brands

Branded merchandise leaves countless impression on everyone who see it. Versatile, cost-effective and endurable, the quality outdoor covers including patio furniture covers, bbq grill covers, car covers and outdoor TV covers provide extra protection to your brand and bring more happiness to your customers, thus make a long lasting impact on your brand.

As a professional supplier with rich experience of serving oversea markets that presenting different patio furniture covers, bbq grill covers, TV covers and auto brands, we are committed to helping you find the perfect protection solution for your products. Because your brand is important to us.

From weatherproof BBQ grill cover, car covers, patio furniture cover, TV covers and outdoor living articles including moisture-proof picnic mat, yoga pad, insulated ice cooler bag…etc, we are so much more than a resource for you. We are your faithful and loyal partner.

How we can serve you better and bring more value to your brand? There are creative and unexpected ways we can help to increase your market competence.

Timely production, safely delivery. It is not easy to do so, thanks to our well-managed factory, we can help you to keep reasonable inventory. All the staff and workers are local people, no migration even in the peak season including the Spring Festival, we can keep the workshop running to fulfill heavy commitments to our esteemed customers.

High quality raw materials and good workmanship. There are many optional materials to meet different requirements of the outdoor products, from non woven, PVC, PE, PEVA to enhanced weatherproof, good color fastness fabrics, we can manage to source it and thus to turn your creative idea into reality.

Meanwhile, all our products are double stitched and waterproof tested, this may ensure sewing quality, craftsmanship and avoid any possible damage due to leakage in daily use.

So let’s bring your brand to life. Together. As partners.

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