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Messenger Bag Made To Organize Your Work World

Made of 500D Cordura® material, the courier-style messenger bag is light in weight, strong and tough. It is especially designed for carefree unbound people and daily commuter. The max volume is 24L, but it can be compressed to 18L under non-full loading.

The carry way of the messenger bag is very modern, the left foamed material filled straps, wide and thick, is very helpful to ease the shoulder pressure. Meanwhile, on the right side, it is very convenient to adjust the length of the nylon webbing under the action of fastener.

Large opening design of main compartment with 2 extra internal compartments, easy to take the items inside out. The best is the spacious lid pocket, you can easily access to small essentials on the go like the sunglasses, gloves, hat, paper towel…etc.

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