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Protect Outdoor Furniture

It’s time to drop the works on hand and go to the outdoor. Summer is the carnival season, no one will refuse to live in harmony with nature. But if you want to have a good time, of course, there must be outdoor furniture that represents the latest trend.

Here are some tips how to choose and use the outdoor furniture.

Choose sunproof and good Color Fastness Material

As we all know, strong light may cause spot, roughness, or even aging to the skin. It’s same to the outdoor furniture,UV resistance is the first step in determining whether PK products are durable. The color fastness of many ordinary furniture is one year or two years to the maximum,you’ll find the color has faded obviously. It can’t be said that they are of poor quality, the real reason is the dyeing and weaving technology is so-so.

Tropical woods are more better for outdoor furniture

To achieve the effect of being integrated with outdoor environment, many people prefer wooden furniture, generally the wood which can be used for outdoors is chosen with a higher oil content, for example, teak produced in Southeast Asia, And a number of brand surfaces can be brushed with anti-corrosion paint to enhance the ability to resist external interference. We all know that the real wood is prone to decay and deformation when exposed to moisture and water, which caused the short service life, it needs more maintenance if used outdoor. The service life of wooden outdoor furniture can not be compared with that of nylon and aluminum alloy, this is also the reason why wooden furniture is used less outdoors.

How to maintain outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is a wonderful way to gather popularity, especially in the courtyard, which is open on all sides. But can you just let it go when you put it outdoors? It’s a misunderstanding, even the performance and quality of the outdoor furniture is very good, it is recommended that you accommodate outdoor furniture cover for storage in the winter or non-use time, or put them indoors if possible, this may helpful to extend the service life of outdoor furniture.

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