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Mountain Hiking

Feeling hiking with your heart, you will find people’s life is just like a hike. There is happiness, there is pain, there is persistence, there is hesitation. Life is like a landscape all the way, come face to face and then pass by with you. Use the camera in your hand, the photos on the memory card is your harvest of your life. There is no difference between walking and life, all need the heart, all need perseverance, all have the beginning and the end.

But for me, what I am infatuated with is the time I get along with myself during climbing and hiking. Only in the wilderness and in the pure nature, the magnified sound of heartbeat can be heard. The idea of being flooded with trifles on weekdays has a chance to emerge. Especially in big cities, neon lights under night combined with reinforced concrete forest of buildings, imprison the daily step-by-step life, people often lose themselves. Only go out and walk into the mountains occasionally, can you hear the real sound of your heartbeat.

Pre-departure Plan

Set goals – Draw up Hiking Route – select team members – Hiking Preparation – Hire Local Porter

Hiking in the mountains, first of all, you must have a definite goal. For a long time on a high mountain hike, the most important thing is make up your mind to set out.

After setting the target, you can make a line plan, query information, determine the key area of this hiking shoot and the proximate time required for this hike. If go on the way every day, it’s impossible to shoot the mountain scenery. It needs at least half a month to take a deep shoot of the mountain.

The second is to choose members to form teams or choose to join other teams. The choice of players is particularly important, be sure to make it clear whether the purpose is photography or hiking, the demand for hiking or photography by the members of these two circles is often the primary reason for the division of the team. So the choice of team members should be clear whether the other members’ purpose of travel is hiking or photography.

Finally, after the team members are arranged, contact the high mountain coordination. At the virtually uninhabited places, so many photography and hiking equipment, you need the help of local porters, it must be prepare and arranged in advance.


Hiking Equipment

Very important: a pair of high-end professional hiking shoes, which has a good supporting and protective effect, be sure to run-in new shoes before you travel. Bring a pair of camp shoes to use on the way and at rest in the camp.

Hiking Backpack
A backpack on foot, about 30 liters, used to carry paraphernalia such as clothes, water bottle…etc. Large-capacity pack with a volume of at least 90 to 100 liters, given to the porter. Also carry other items; photography backpack or camera bag to take other photographic equipment, can be handed over to the porter.


Very important, used for auxiliary support and balance during hiking, two. I choose the professional walking stick brand like BD (black diamond).

Warm clothing
medium thickness or thin grabbing velvet one, medium thickness down jacket one; in addition, you can carry a pair of plush pants.

Gore – Tex soft shell or 1 thin soft shell with cap.

Close Underwear
Outdoor close-fit sweat top, at least 3 pieces, 2 pairs of sweating trousers, note that sweating jackets and trousers must not be made of pure cotton, Some underwear. In addition, you can carry two t-shirts or quick-dried shirts.

Quick dry hiking pants, at least two pairs; one pair of gore-tex emergency pants.

Knee Cap

A pair of professional foot knee pads, used to protect the knee joint.

Clothing accessories
A warm grip or cap, 1 sunscreen round hat, 1 outdoor magic headscarf, one pair of thin gloves, one pair of plush gloves, at least 3 pairs of professional hiking socks.

Camping equipment
High altitude comfort temperature scale-15 to 20 degrees down sleeping bag; sleeping bag inside one; moisture-proof picnic mat one.

Other equipment
Professional headlamp 1, kettle or water bag 1, ice grab 1 pair.

Daily use articles
Common items: toiletries (quick-dry towels, toothpaste toothbrush, small brush…etc.), toilet paper, wet paper towel, sunscreen, lip balm, man-carrying shaver, and other miscellaneous supplies.

Electrical appliances
Mobile phones and chargers, conversion plugs, portable battery.


Can be carried by individuals with meals, condiments, chocolates, beef jerky, etc., which suit their tastes.

Photographic equipment
Camera, lens, tripod, battery, charger, storage card, cleaning tool, other accessories.

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