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Some Essentials of A Cool Camping Trip

outdoor camping mat

In most of the time, a cool outdoor trip is bound to be accompanied by camping, which is common plots of some movies. If you want to camping at different places, you need to prepare different equipment.

The things that a camping needs are roughly as follows: tents, sleeping bag, sleeping mats or picnic mats, flashlight, stove(cooker) and some necessary ingredients. Solid food is enough if you just want a simple camping, the simpler the better, and vice versa, some campers may bring inflatable sofas, folding chairs, coffee cups, picnic mats and even barbecue shelves for a luxury trip. But these are not important, the real important thing is where to and who you go to camp with.

Tent: it is good to choose a weatherproof double-decker tent that featured stable structure, light in weight, wind and rain resistant.

Sleeping bag: we recommend down sleeping bag or goose velvet sleeping bag due to they are light and good warmth, please keep dry when use it. Meanwhile, an artificial vacuum sleeping bag maybe a better choice in wet environment.

Outdoor pad: camping picnic mat, or auto inflatable mat,  light and easy to use, waterproof and moisture-proof.

Backpack: the magic of the backpack is it can share most of the weight on the hips, a good backpack should conform to the body structure and equip with strong and comfortable belt.

Tinder: Condenser, match, candle and lighter. Candle can be use as light source, and it is also good combustion aid.

Special Tools: Compass, map, rope, folding spade, electric torch, needlework, fishhook line, hacking knife, camera.

Water and food: high calories meat, sugar, lipids. Don’t forget to bring some salt.

Emergency kit: Antidote, disinfection powder, medicine, analgesic, white gauze, tape, bandage.

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