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No Fear of Wind and Snow


car accessoryWith the coming of cold winter, the temperature has dropped below 0℃. For the people who drives in the morning, the cold in the car is unbearable, some small items and equipment for driving in the snow need to be prepared. Today we’re going to talk about the car accessory you might use for driving in winter.

Car Cover

The air pollution is serious, a lot of pollutants mixed with rain and snow fall on the car, it may bring serious corrosion to the car paint. If the vehicle is parked in an open park for long time, the aging of the paint will accelerate. It is recommended to put on a waterproof car cover when the car is not in use, it can not only block the corrosion of rain and snow, but also prevent dust. It is good to use heavy duty multi layer Non-woven material made car cover, featured waterproof and breathable, with PE film inside for better protection in the winter.

car cover

First Aid Kit

Some medicine should be taken with you when go out. Nowadays, the congestion in big cities is serious, and it’s even worse to catch up with snow in winter, so it is advisable to prepare some common medicine. At present, there are all kinds of special first aid kits for use in the cars, they are small and practical. You might as well consider buying one.

Insulation Can

The incubator may not be commonly used, its appearance is similar to the car refrigerator. However, it has no refrigeration or heating functions and can only be used for heat preservation. If you need to temporarily keep the food warm during the driving in winter, you can choose the incubator, keep in mind to choose the qualified brand.

Snow removal tool

In heavy snow weather, the road surface is wet and there may be a lot of snow on the car and on the road, so it is very useful to equip the car with some simple snow removal tools. For example, a folding shovel can be used as a simple snow remover when the wheel is stuck and skidded. The towel can clean the snow and ice under the windshield, and if necessary, it can be padded under the wheel to help out.

Anti skid chains

In some special areas with frequent snowfall and extremely low temperature, snow and ice may appear on the road surface for a long time, in this case, in addition to the replacement of snow tires, it is necessary to use anti-skid chains to effectively improve the driving safety in the ice and snow.


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