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Tips of Building A Tent

If you like outdoor camping as a way of relaxation, you must learn how to build your own outdoor home safely. After reading this tent building strategy, build a solid shelter for yourself.

Choose Reasonable camping site 

Although the tent is a movable house, it doesn’t mean that it can be built anywhere. So how to choose the place to build the tent?

Legal construction & compliance with local regulations

In addition to the mountain area, if you set up a tent outside the designated place for camping, you may be visited by the police. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, please check in advance whether you can set up a tent in this place.

Civilized camping and ecological protection

In addition, even if a place is designated as a camp, considering its impact on maintaining the balance of the mountain ecosystem, the tent construction should not be too centralized, which may causing environmental burden. Don’t throw garbage and destroy the natural vegetation.

Safety first, please avoid camping location that not suitable for tents mentioned below:


Notice: avoid the above places and try to build tents in flat and sunny places.

Wind, the biggest enemy of tents

If the nails are not used for proper fixation and reinforcement, when strong wind blows, there will be trouble. Reasonable shelter and safe camping.

When the wind blows to an unsettled tent, it will be blown away and fly to other places. The tent is far easier than expected to be blown away, which will cause the pole to break. If it encounters sharp objects, the cloth will also be worn out.



Then press it with luggage and other weights?

If the luggage is placed in the tent instead of the heavy stone, when the tent is blown by the wind, the fabric between the luggage and the ground under the tent will be frayed and forming a hole. Even if the quite thick bottom fabric is pulled and rubbed, it will be easily worn out.



So how to build a tent in the strong wind?

In order to build a tent in the wind, it is important to choose the right place to build the tent, but at the same time, proper tent fixing is equally important. “foot pin” and “pull rope” play a very important role in fixing tents.

The wind resistance of the tent itself has its physical upper limit. The foot pin and pull rope can make the best use of the performance of the tent within this physical limit.

For self-supporting tents, if it is properly fixed on the ground with foot pins and pull ropes, the strength of the tent is the largest at this time. In the wind tunnel test, the same tent is fixed on the ground without pull rope, and its wind resistance stability is only 40% of the tent fixed with pull rope.

Here comes the super detailed way to fix the tent

1. Locate the entrance to the tent

Determine the location of the entrance so that the entrance of the tent is on the leeward side. If the tent has multiple entrances and exits, set the main entrance on the leeward side.

tent camping


2. Fixation of foot pins

Fix the hanging ears at the bottom of the tent with pins or screws. Try to make sure that the tent is fixed near the ground. Fix the tent from the bottom of it upward. If it is fixed from the higher part of the ground, the height of the tent itself will be reduced or deformed, and it may exert too much pressure on the frame, thus causing damage to the tent.

camping tent


3. Fixing of pull rope

Fix the pull rope with the foot pin or other means. For the specific operation method, please refer to the following steps

① If it is a double-layer tent, be sure to tighten the pull rope at the hanging loop of the outer tent and fix it on the ground.

outdoor camping


② Pull out the rope linked to the alum. rod and fix it on the surrounding ground. From the top view, the direction of the pull rope should be the extension line at both ends of the alum. rod in the same direction.If the rope is pulled out in different directions from the alum. pole, the frame of the tent will be deformed when the force in these directions acts on the alum. pole.

single tents


③ Ensure that the pull rope is fixed on the ground. If the rope is fixed at a higher position than the ground by using trees, etc., the tension of the tent will be dispersed, which will cause the stress of the tent to be unstable, thus causing damage to the tent.



④ During snowing days, use the method of embedding pins to fix the pull rope (the pins are buried in the snow and may not be recovered). At the same time, the pulling force of rope can’t be adjusted from the pin, so the installation method of the pull rope should be opposite to the normal situation.


You may try this when the local pins can’t be fixed to the ground:

① Tie the pull rope vertically to the pin and place stones at both ends;

② Using stone mesh bags, the mesh bags need to have a certain strength (it can also be replaced by convenience bags, but if the strength is not enough, it is easy to damage);

③ When there is snow, tie the branches together and bury the ropes and branches in the snow.


TIPS: when using the above method to fix the tent, the length of the rope should be longer than that reserved at ordinary times, and it will be easier to fix it.

It’s very important to fix the tent. I hope this article can help everyone’s camping life! Safe camping, enjoy outdoor life!









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