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Camping, redefine the relationship with nature

Do you feel that sometimes it is not enough to truly capture the spirituality of nature by spending a day in the wilderness, maybe you saw some amazing views, or experienced an unforgettable hike, but if you want to get a complete experience with nature, it may be necessary to lie down in the scented grassy tent under the dark starry sky, and fall asleep with the screams of insects and  cicadas, and then watch the sunrise as the sun rises.


Recently, picnics have become the first way for the public to access to nature, people bring picnic mats and food, and sit on the grass. But as said above, some people feel that it is not enough to get close to nature in this way, they chose to bring tents, cooking utensils with a great fanfare or even started camping in nature in a moving way.


Compared with picnic or hiking, there are more requirements on both skills and equipment for camping. The popularity of camping began in the 1880s when British tailor Thomas Hiram holding improved the equipment to make it lighter. Early camping equipment was very heavy, until Thomas designed and produced lightweight tents that are easy to carry and convert, and breeches that are easy to travel. Then he also shared his three-day camping trip in southwestern Ireland. In 1908 he wrote the first edition of “The Camper’s Handbook”, sharing his passion for nature with the world, later he founded the Bicycle Campers Association, which is now the camping and caravan club, and Thomas Hiram is generally considered the founder of modern camping.


In the United States, camping began in 1869, when William Henry Harrison Murray published a guide book named “How to Camp”, wrote down the details of his camp life in the Adirondacks mountains and his adventures in the wilderness, his behavior directly inspired the public to realize the powerful role of nature in physical and mental healing. In that summer, a large number of tourists came to the Adirondack Mountains, opening a new and calming way for Americans to travel.

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