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Enjoy the Outdoor Life

Planning a simple and relaxed holiday in the beautiful countryside, learn how to picking, farming or even take a nap in the tree…

Camping in Scotland

Though the reality is often unsatisfactory – in most camping experiences, you will be woken up by the noisy children (or unscrupulous lovers) in the tent next door, falling asleep in the nature is still a dream for campers. If you want to be truly close to the nature, you might choose a wilderness and quiet camp in the Scottish borders – Ruberslaw. About from $ 250.00 for two, no tent.

You will get a piece of exclusive grass for yourself here, hundreds of meters away from the other tents, there are trees, broccoli and heather flowers. The barbecue grill that well protected with waterproof BBQ cover in the venue can make you challenge the wild survival instinct just like “Master bei” in “Wild Survival”, the wood you use is piled up merely by the staff every day.

In most time of the weekend, you can observe various of wild animals such as such as deer, eagle and so on in the quiet environment; or exercise your muscles to climb the 424m high ruberslaw on foot and overlooking the British border scenery. Besides, you can also walk, ride, or ride on forest trails, which lead to monastery sites and bars decorated with Scottish grilled cloth.

To be a one-day farmer in Wales

If you want to experience the real farm life, just sign up for the Farm experience Project in the Monmouth County – Humble by Nature, which costs about $ 880. This is a rural skills school created and named after Kate Humble, the host of the BBC Country Archives, you can choose which courses you want to take according to the season.

For example, spending a Saturday to learn how to cut wool and take care of pregnant ewes, or put on a protective suit and a mask to learn how to keep bees, you can also learn to weave baskets and make cider with local first-class manufacturers. You can also spend the night on a farm, including a double room in the 18th century barn and a “pig house” for parents and children (from about $ 2500-three nights). On Sunday, you can walk in the surrounding fields, and then find a bistro at the nearby Penallt village and enjoy a BBQ meal.


Enjoy a British Weekend

Britain may be one of the most suitable countries for camping and swimming in the world due to there are almost no dangerous animals that may attack you. But if you still have doubts about outdoor activities in the UK, consider attending an experience course organized by wilderness weekend, which costs about from $ 1100.00.

The 2-day mini-adventure program offers professional guides, outdoor tents, sleeping bags and self-heating picnic mats (an interesting inflatable heating mat) that is ideal for green hand lack of camping equipment and inexperienced. Try the Jurassic Coast weekend Tour, and you can enjoy walking through Dorset’s most seductive lagoons, coves and caves; “the Essex Jungle Journey” will teach you how to make a fire for simple dishes, such as beer can meat; or go to the peak district to develop your sense of direction and exercise climbing skills.

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